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Twiki, Inc. for wiki support, wiki solutions and services
-- Peter Thoeny
Evolved Media for content creation and publishing services
-- Dan Woods
The Penguin and The Python for Linux consulting and Python programming
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Our Mission: Bringing Wikis to your Workplace

StructuredWikisTM has one mission: Helping you put wikis to work in your organization. StructuredWikis offers services that will allow groups of people to use wikis to improve productivity and communication through basic and advanced application of wikis. StructuredWikis takes the position that two elements -- the ease of use of wikis and a deep understanding of business processes -- must be combined unlock the flood of productivity that made wikis famous in the first place. When the combination of flexible and effortless collaboration enabled by wikis is choreographed through a deep understanding of the work being performed, companies make incredible leaps forward. This has been proved a companies like Google, who has one of the largest wiki implementations, at the Wikipedia, at Amazon, Yahoo, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and at thousands of other companies large and small. Even Microsoft has created its own version of a wiki. Here is our program for making wikis work for you.


Do not Throw Wikis

Just throwing a wiki at a problem will never solve it or create a new culture of collaboration. What makes a wiki shine is to intelligently add both the cultural and technological aspects of a wiki to a proven way of organizing work. Then the wiki accelerates collaboration, communication, and knowledge capture within the wide boundaries of a process that sets the context.

Understand the Business Process

Our philosophy at StructuredWikis differs sharply from most other efforts at commercializing wikis. Our long experience helping create hundreds of wikis tells us that we must understand your business and the way you work to produce the maximum business value. Of course, introducing a wiki into the right environment can have a transformative effect, but what defines a wiki-friendly environment? After years of experience, we have the answer.

Craft a Wiki Solution

StructuredWikis does not claim to understand every business process to the extent needed to immediately propose a wiki-based solution. But we do understand many common processes for collaborative authoring, project management, and knowledge management and for each of these areas and a few more we have solutions that hit the ground running. For business processes that are new to us, we can quickly add our knowledge about wikis and collaboration to clients' understanding of their work to rapidly craft a solution in a few days for simple problems and a few weeks for most others.

Use Open Source

StructuredWikis is also founded on the premise that open source is the best choice for collaborative platforms. Enterprise software succeeds when a general solution can be configured to meet the varied client-specific requirements. Without configuration, wikis or any enterprise software solves only the least common denominator problems. Open source software offers the remedy by enabling an unlimited scope of configuration that allows a wiki to encompass the most important requirements needed to maximize productivity. Open source also helps a company builds skills so they can do for themselves. StructuredWikis solutions are founded on, the premiere open source wiki used in more enterprise-class environments than any other. TWikiTM was created by Peter Thoeny and has grown and prospered because of the thriving community that rapidly formed around it.

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